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High quality pick up basketball every day of the week. You reserve your spot, they max out at 15 players, everyone gets an organized approach to open basketball runs.

Designing for platforms you love to use.

IndoorHoops was founded in 2011 with one objective: to bring people together through the game of basketball without the rigidity and pressure of gym memberships and league play. With the unpredictability of modern life they wanted to offer games when and where works best for you.

What did I design

As a frequent user of the Indoorhoops platform, I identified an opportunity for the company to develop a mobile application to enhance user engagement and convenience. I conducted a stakeholder analysis through email correspondence to gain insights on the potential value of the application from the perspective of the stakeholder, as well as gather information on key brand identity elements that should be incorporated into the design of the application.


I started user research by conducting interviews with individuals who utilize the Indoorhoops platform just like myself. During the interviews, participants articulated their interest in a chat system feature, as well as the ability to share reservation information with their friends regardless of whether or not they possess a profile with Indoorhoops. This feedback was analyzed and considered while I started working on the initial designs of of the mobile application.

Ease Of Use

The mobile application for Indoorhoops should prioritize ease of reservation booking. To address this, the application should be designed to facilitate quick search functionality, the ability to share reservations with others, and efficient management of games for users who are on-the-go. Additionally, Indoorhoops has a significant social media presence, particularly on Instagram. Users of the platform can upload photos and videos, tagging Indoorhoops, which in turn increases the visibility and reach of the company's #Indoorhoops and #Findyourgame hashtags across the nation, positively impacting brand awareness and marketing efforts.

Testing the brands voice.

I interviewed current users, created a mood board with the brand's color system, located their main marketing font, and incorporated their aesthetic and photography style.

Design Systems & Wireframes

Using the Human Interface Guidelines from IOS, I began creating low fidelity wireframes using Whimsical. Agile and rapid method wireframes made it easy to transfer from the Adobe XD design to high fidelity prototyping.

Lite Version Of Site Map

Mid Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity Design.

After speaking with stakeholders and users, creating a user flow and style guide for Indoorhoops was easy. The existing web application served as a basis, and all parties agreed on the need for the new application. The project increased my knowledge of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, and the font and color choices reflect both the brand and the guidelines. Maintaining consistency in Community, Ease of Use, and Identity was crucial in the design process.

Indoorhoops as a company keeps their visuals highly incorporated with urban black and white photography, keeping this vivid and pronounce tone within the IOS application created a new design approach for me as a designer.

Functional Prototype

Designing any application especially when you fit the user persona, creates an excitement you just cant escape. I used Adobe XD to create a semi functional prototype where some user testing could come into play. After receiving feedback from peers and potential users of the application I was satisfied with the possible trajectory of the product.

Before I could pitch my design to Indoorhoops they had decided to pursue producing a mobile application with a design agency. I loved this concept so much I decided to still put it on my portfolio.

I do not own any of the images, nor was this a contract opportunity with Indoorhoops.

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